Homemade Toys

Toys don’t have to cost a fortune, there are many ways to amuse your rats with toys and games that you can make yourself.

Inside the Cage

Click to Enlarge!<br>Apple

Click to Enlarge!Apple

Hang some apple or carrot to keep your ratties amused.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Pinata

Click to Enlarge!Pinata

Rat piƱata – fill a toilet roll with treats, fold down the ends and it tie up on a string.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Pipe

Click to Enlarge!Pipe

When you see workmen laying pipes, ask if they have any offcuts.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Box

Click to Enlarge!Box

Cozy boxes are good to cram into.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Bag

Click to Enlarge!Bag

Paper bags are just as good, and you can line your nest with them later.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Nest

Click to Enlarge!Nest

You can never have too much nesting material!

Click to Enlarge!<br>Egg

Click to Enlarge!Egg

Inside or outside the cage, boiled eggs can take a long time to open!

Click to Enlarge!<br>PhoneBook

Click to Enlarge!PhoneBook

Punch a hole in the corner of some phone book pages and hang them in the cage.

Out of the cage

Click to Enlarge!<br>House

Click to Enlarge!House

Box houses and castles will keep your ratties busy.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Stones

Click to Enlarge!Stones

Make a ‘toybox’ of shiny stones, seashells and wooden parrot beads.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Boa

Click to Enlarge!Boa

Feather boas and clean feathers are irresistable too.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Compost

Click to Enlarge!Compost

Make a digging box with sterile potting compost.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Shredding

Click to Enlarge!Shredding

For less mess, a diving bowl of shredded paper.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Wrapping

Click to Enlarge!Wrapping

A diving box of old wrapping paper, maybe with a hole or two near the bottom of the box.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Grass

Click to Enlarge!Grass

Look out for pots of cat grass at your pet shop to grow for your ratties.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Herbs

Click to Enlarge!Herbs

Grow them their own herb garden.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Winerack

Click to Enlarge!Winerack

A climbing frame made from a wine rack.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Peas

Click to Enlarge!Peas

Fishing for peas in a bowl always goes down well.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Duct

Click to Enlarge!Duct

Tumble dryer ducting threaded in and out of a box.

Click to Enlarge!<br>Other rats

Click to Enlarge!Other rats

The best toys of all… are other ratties to play with!


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