Star’s Rat Rescue

Rescuing rats is a full time pleasure, no matter what day of the month it is we are working (well playing) 🙂 with the rats, rescuing them, or finding them their forever homes! There are so many wonderful benefits when Adopting from a Rat Rescue! One being we have the time to spend with each rattie to help socialize them, which is often needed. Of course they all need homes but most of the ratties rescued have had such a tough life either almost being snake food, their owner just didn’t want them anymore, and occasionally ratties are just left alone in a shelter.  No matter what the reason they are at a rescue they are still loving, kind, and funny pets looking for their forever place to call home!

Being a rescue myself we run into so many rats that are shy, scared of humans, rats that bite, abused rats, and many more. It is so sad but in the same it is a very happy day when they get to come into our doors and know that they no longer have to be afraid.

Here at Star’s Rat Rescue we are a small rescue but have huge hearts, time and space for all our ratties! We are always looking for Adopters, Fosters, Transportation Help, and we love meeting other rattie lovers as well!

We are located in Winner, South Dakota and often have transportation to surrounding states as well! Feel free to ask us about transportation!

Rats for Adoption!

Click Image to Enlarge!

Click Image to Enlarge!

Chance is 6 months old and from a litter of 13, him and all his brothers are very friendly and love attention! They where all played with from day one and they also love hammocks to sleep in!

Donations to SRR are always greatly appreciated, either in the form of Cages, Hammocks, Water Bottles, Blankets,Wheels,Toys etc. or Monetary Donations.

All donations to SRR are used completely for the rats in our care and to rescue these adorable pets.

Items our rescue needs:

* Toys/Chew Toys
* Revolution
* Towels
* Ensure
* Igloos/Or some type of house to hide in

Contact Star’s Rat Rescue Here

Past Adoptions:

Handsome Boy Named Snoopy found his forever home!!

Click Image to Enlarge!

Click Image to Enlarge!

Two beautiful and friendly girls Kiya and Razel who found their loving home on Thanksgiving Day!

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Click Image to Enlarge!

To Contact Star’s Rat Rescue please fill in the form below:

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