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The intelligent and personable rat may get overlooked as a pet because some people are afraid of them or dislike its tail. But rats truly make wonderful pets. They enjoy interacting with their owners and are meticulous self-groomers. Want a small animal pet that will sit with you while you watch TV or work on the computer, or a pet that will conquer mazes or agility courses with ease? Get a pet rat!

The below photos show pet rats in some charming or silly moments. Scroll through them for a peek into the world of rats. And we hope you’ll enjoy the little sayings we’ve paired with the images. Many thanks to the people who sent us their rat pictures to make this gallery possible.

Check back for updated pictures in the future. For a larger version of an image, click the picture or the text below it.

If you have a rat picture you’d like to email to us to consider for this rat picture gallery, send it to smanimaleditor@bowtieinc.com and mark the subject line “Fun Rat Picture.”



Hello? Are You Listening?


Oh No! Where Are The Treats?

Beauty Amid The Blooms! 


Tired Out? Find Your Snuggle Spot!

My Cookie. Mine! Mine! Mine!

When All Else Fails … Hide! 


Nothing’s As Homey
As A Pocket That’s Cozy!

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