Treating Abscesses

with permission from Carole Nelson of LilRatscal Rattery

This is not a do-it-yourself manual on how to treat abscesses. It does discuss what needs to be done. Please don’t mess around with treating abscesses on your own. The treatment of abscesses is a surgical procedure and, like most surgical procedures, is best left to those who are trained to do them in them a sterile surrounding using sterile instruments and proper irrigation solutions, packing, wound dressing, and antibiotics – and anesthetics.

Ask your vet if you can watch and learn and to teach you how to do minor follow-up treatment at home. The more you learn the more you will be able to do…and the more you will realize how important it is that the procedures be done correctly.

Abscesses are interesting things… They do not necessarily occur at the site of an injury, and often do not occur in any proximity to an injury – they may form where there was no injury, and may form months after an injury was apparently well-healed.

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