Giving Medication

The simplest way of medicating your rat is to disguise the medication in food. Where the volume of meds is small, it’s simple to put it onto a piece of digestive biscuit or a cube of bread and give this as a treat. If the medicine is bitter, like Baytril, a sprinkling of sugar on top makes all the difference. You may find it useful to make enough pieces for all your other rats without the meds to distract them while the sick rat is treated.

Where the medication is supplied in tablet form and needs splitting up, the simplest way is to crush it and mix it with powdered baby food. This can be cut into the correct number of doses and stored in foil or clingfilm twists. Expect to be teased by the family as you ‘cut your drugs’.

Vets occasionally suggest putting antibiotics in the rat’s water bottle. This is not ideal, as the occupants of the cage will all be dosed, whether they need it or not. Also, tainting the water may cause already ill rats to drink less and become dehydrated.


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