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Rat Coat Types | RatChatter

Rat Coat Types

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Normal Coat

The normal rat coat is smooth to the touch, having straight, fine, dense hairs with a sprinkling of longer, stiffer guard hairs.

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The rex coat has a wavy appearance due to the rex gene. The whiskers are wavy or curled, guard hairs are gently curved and the undercoat has pronounced waves.

NFRS Standards, 2009: The coat to be evenly dense and not excessively harsh, with as few guard hairs as possible. Coat to be evenly curled and also to a lesser extent on the belly. Curly vibrissae (whiskers) are normal for Rex. Colour to conform to a recognised colour or pattern variety.

Where Silver or ticked rats are rexed, allowances should be made for the lower number of guard hairs present than in normal varieties.

Genetics: Original rexes due to dominant gene Re. A recessive gene, possibly due to F2 (fuzzy) is available via some imported dumbo lines.

Satin (shown in New Varieties)

NFRS Standards, 2009:The satin shall have a high sheen coat resulting in a satin like or metallic gloss. The colour may be that of any recognised variety. Satinization will appear to increase the intensity of any colour and this should be taken into account.

Genetics: unrecognised recessive gene Sa*. Probably at least 2.

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Hairless Coat

The hairless rat lacks most or all of it’s fur. Often confused with the double rex.


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