Thinking About Breeding?

with permission from Carole Nelson of LilRatscal Rattery

Thinking about breeding? Here are some good questions to ask yourself.

Do you know the background genetic history of both parents, siblings and are you sure they are in good health?

Do you have/know of a responsible, reliable Veterinarian who will treat your animal if the need arises?

Do you have the money to get vet treatment if birthing complications should arise, such as emergency c-section if Mom dies during labor or if the babies get stuck in the birth canal?

Are you emotionally and physically prepared to deal with complications if they arise? (such as dealing with blood -and possible death.)

Do you have money for down the road medical complications, food and cage expenses for up to as many as 20 baby rats as well as your current rats?

Do you have homes or plans lined up for the babies?

Do you have a caretaker if you need to go away or on holidays?

Giving the rat babies to a pet store is not recommended but if that is your only option, make sure that the pet store is a good store with clean cages, good knowledgeable employees and that the babies will be sold as pets only and not for food for other animals. Putting an ad in the paper would be a better option but a charge should be noted.

If you are thinking about Breeding rats to make money, you should think of a different plan, as the cost of caring, housing, feeding and medical bills for your rats properly is more expensive then the money you’ll make off selling them. Most stores will not take them.

If the mother refuses to care for her babies are you prepared to feed and care for the babies every two hours until they can eat on their own?

Letting males and females play together if you are unknowledgeable or unprepared for babies is irresponsible.

Think of all the rats in the world that already need homes. The world is filled with many, many, many, rats that already need homes, please consider taking in rats that already need homes rather than bringing more rats that need homes into the world. (Contact an animal shelter or Rat Rescue organization.)

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