Radical feral cat, rat plan

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Diane Yeldon with her cat, Teddy, yesterday. Photo by Peter McIntosh

Move over Gareth Morgan.

A Dunedin woman concerned about the number of feral cats
roaming the city has a radical solution for ridding Dunedin
of them and other undesirables. 

Diane Yeldon went to the Dunedin City Council’s public forum
yesterday to suggest a posse should wander the city getting
rid of cats, rats, rubbish and ”annoying people”.

The owner of two pet cats thought the council should take
some responsibility for the cat problem, and ”a plague of
rats” she said was infesting the city.

She wondered if the council should consider having a curfew
in the city between 2am and 3am when ”all the rats and cats
come out and anyone who is minding their own business
shouldn’t be there anyway [and] anyone who has a pet cat
should have it locked up inside”.

A group should go out around the city for that hour and shoot
the pests.

It could also be an opportunity to deal with some of the
city’s other problems causing health and safety issues, she

”This sounds a very strange idea of having a posse looking
after the city in the small hours getting rid of rubbish,
cats, rats and annoying people, [but] I think you could
really look into something similar … ”

She clarified that if the group saw people dumping rubbish,
she did not recommend they should be shot, but simply
stopped. The student volunteer army might be interested in
the work, she said.

”I think this would be very character-building for these
young men and women to be out at night cleaning up the city
and shooting the occasional cat and rat.”

The comments raised a few smiles of disbelief from
councillors, including Cr Fliss Butcher who asked Ms Yeldon
if she thought the council should think about putting some
money in its next annual plan for a pied piper.

Contacted after the meeting Ms Yeldon said she was serious
about her comments.

The council should at least provide advice to people about
dealing with cats and rats, she said.

Planning and environment committee chairwoman Cr Kate Wilson
said the committee would be happy to take a look at issues
with rubbish perhaps attracting cats and rats.


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