Question Time: Ideal pets

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June 22, 2014

Question Time: Ideal pets

What pet have you always wanted?

By Rob Burgess

Tribune night editor
The Kokomo Tribune

Sun Jun 22, 2014, 05:13 PM EDT

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For people who love animals, there’s probably at least one variety which would be thrilling to keep as a pet, but, for whatever reason, wouldn’t be feasible. So, we wanted to know: “What is one type of pet you’ve always wanted to have, but have never been able to? Why?” To allow for more answers we’ve once again tweaked the Question Time format this week.


“Penguins. My bathroom doesn’t get cold enough for them.” — Kayla White

“Spider monkey, but I won’t because it’s very egotistical to think that all animals could be pets.” — Darci Cubert

“A whale. Can’t have it for obvious reasons.” — Nick Coffman


“Teacup poodle. Can’t afford one.” — Connie Hickey-Paauwe

“English Bulldog. Too expensive.” — Niki Hale Cothern

“Big ‘ol English Mastiff! … I’ve always lived in an [apartment. It] eats WAY too much. Couldn’t imagine the poop scooping involved AND the slobber. BUT if I had a yard and a butcher as a husband, it would be on.” — Markita Morehead

Our answers

“I’ve always thought a tiger would be an awesome pet. But, then I think about getting mauled by such jungle cat, and I’m always hesitant.” – Josh Sigler

“My answer would be too hilarious to be published.” — Pedro Velazco

“A capybara. My wife and I saw a show on TLC a few years back called ‘My Crazy Obsession,’ which profiled a woman named Melanie Typaldos who kept them as pets. Our jaws were on the floor. If you’ve never seen one before, they are the largest rodents in the world (most average around 100 pounds) and they live primarily in South America. Apparently, they are herbivores and require massive amounts of vegetables and greens every day. They are also semi-aquatic, so hours every day must be dedicated to allowing the animal to swim, or they will get depressed. The time, care and infrastructure commitments involved are tremendous, but having owned hamsters and rats in my younger days, it would certainly be interesting.” — Rob Burgess

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