Police Aided by Sniffer Rats

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Sep 9, 2013 in Rat News | Subscribe

I have images of Ben (the rat movie) and cops combing a city looking for explosive residue.


OK, it is just an unusual story that caught my eye after someone (initials MS) sent me the link because sh/e once kept pet rats and found them very smart, but chewable when it comes to phone cords.  He/her rats are now dead, we mourn their passing, not!


Anyway, with all the high tech gear we have now, I can just see a big burly cop walking around with a rat on a leash looking for … who knows what?  Cheese perhaps?  Since it is about guns, perhaps it is a Swiss   Wesson weapon.  Forgive me!


This information was shared by MS.

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