Plethora of parakeets perch at shelter

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Kathy Lynn Gray

The Columbus Dispatch

Tuesday February 5, 2013 6:15 AM

The Capital Area Humane Society is all atwitter, and it has nothing to do with electronic

The rescue shelter is awash with parakeets, in feathered coats of brilliant green, subtle blue
and muted white.

“We have birds coming out our ears,” spokeswoman Mary Heiser joked as she gestured toward three
cages on display near two bunnies and down the hall from cats and puppies.

The birds arrived on Dec. 30 after humane agents were called to a home and asked to take the 23
birds left there when the owner moved out. Chief Humane Agent Kerry Manion said he didn’t know
whether the owner was breeding or hoarding the birds or was just a parakeet fancier.

Although Capital Area occasionally lands a cockatiel or a finch, having even one parakeet is
rare. The society has several donated cages, so housing the birds wasn’t a problem.

None of the birds speaks words, but they make a pleasant twittering sound and they’re all
healthy, Heiser said. At first, the birds were jittery, but they’ve calmed down.

Manion said parakeets aren’t the only species that has arrived en masse at the shelter. In the
1980s, humane agents brought in about 100 doves and macaws from a hoarder. Last year, agents had to
clear out about 100 pet rats from an apartment.

Finding homes for such large groups isn’t easy.

The parakeets have been up for adoption for several weeks at $15 each. So far, eight have been
placed. None was adopted last week.

“This is not a place you think of for birds,” Heiser said. A parakeet would be perfect for
someone who lives in an apartment or condominium “as long as you don’t have feather allergies,” she

Prospective owners must be willing to provide a cage, toys, perches and daily water and

“Even though they’re small, they still need care,” Heiser said. “The goal is to get some
birdie-loving people in here.”

The Capital Area Humane Society is at 3015 Scioto-Darby Executive Court, Hilliard. For
information about the parakeets or other animals, call 614-777-7387 or go online at


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