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Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 16, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

are rats good pets ? i want one really bad but mom wont let me at all i told i would save up all my mony and by every thing for it but she still says no she thinks that they have dieseases !! has eney one every had a pet rat or would now if a pet rat would carry a sickness ?



  • Stella says:

    Rats make excellent pets, and they are just as clean (if not cleaner) than a dog or cat etc. They are very intellegent and all around great pets. However… If your Mom is against it… it may not be a good idea for the rats sake. Some pets that parents don’t like have a way of falling ill when your not home. Hate to say that, but it happens.

  • marquett says:

    YES ! GET ONE WHEN IT’S A LITTLE BABY…YOU WON’T REGRET IT… THEY CAN BE TRAINED & do tricks… MINE WAS A LITTLE SWEETHEART HE LOVE TO GO EVERY WHERE I WENT…They are alway cleaning them self’s I gave mine baths too! THANKS.. : ) HAPPY 4th**********

  • Katie says:

    Go ahead and buy one. Or buy two, if you haven’t got so much time. They won’t bond so well, but at least they won’t be lonely.
    Rats are very clean pets. They wash themselves very regularly (with their tongues) and will only “go to the toilet” in a chosen corner. Unfortunately they ARE rather susceptible to diseases but nothing that humans can catch.

  • Pinto says:

    yeessssssssss they r so cute gurl get 1

  • Dylan S says:

    Rats are wonderful! They are the cutest little things. They don’t cary disease. They are smart, playful, cuddly, etc. They are cheap and easy to care for. They need a cage mate of the same sex.
    A suitable cage for a rat is the most expensive thing and its fairly cheap. It could cost anywhere from 40-80 dollars. A food bowl is cheap like $2 same as water bottle.
    Bedding, DONT USE PINE OR CEDAR!! I recommend carefresh. You can get it in different colors too! lol. Anyway, rats themselves cost like $5 and expect to pay $5-$10 on homes, chew things and toys.
    Now you have to consider health. Vet bills and stuff. They can be fairly cheap for just a checkup but for anything else, like injections for mites. Rats can get respitory illness so that is fairly expensive to treat. They need 2 checkups in 1 year.
    Now if you are planning on breeding, just think that they can have up to 20 kittens (thats the name for baby rats) in one litter. Thats a lot to care for. Rats go into heat every 4-5 days for 12 hours. They are sexually mature at the age of 5 weeks. If one of them do have babies, you have to seperate them at 5 weeks, or you could end up with a pregnant mother or sister. They are weaned at 4 weeks.
    Thinking about what sex you want. Girls are usually smaller and more energetic than boys, who are normally larger and better ‘lap pets’ who love to be rubbed all day. They both have different qualities and both make wonderful pets.
    Convincing your mom, tell her all you know about rats. Print up a ‘fact sheet’ that tells you mom EVERYTHING you know about them, and review it with her. She will be impressed with it and probably let you get one (really you need to include in the ‘fact sheet’ that they need a playmate, so she will let you get 2). If she stills says no, act mature and dont whine or throw a fit. Simply explain to her that you have been researching them and been saving up for a while and you dont understand why she says no. Tell her she doesnt have to have anything to do with them, you just need some kind of transportation to get them.
    Now, I have curently 5 rats, 3 girls and 2 boys. I have been researching them for years and know a lot about them, and would love to share all of my knowledge with you. So if you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask me for my email or messenger address. I would love to help you.

  • spazrats says:

    They seem pretty easy to take care of.

  • kiffie says:

    Rats make perfect pets. I would suggest you get at least two of the same sex because they need company of their own kind. They also need each other for grooming. It is a myth that having one rat means it will bond to you more. I have had groups of up to 8 in a cage and they have all bonded fine with me. They all come running to the door when I walk past. They all love being on me, some on my shoulders, some down my shirt and some in my sleeves. I’ve never been bitten by them. One thing I have noticed is that its easier to tame two or more rats because they learn from each other.

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