Pet Rats Transmit Infection

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Pet Rats Transmit Infection

In a recent report it has been revealed that a woman, who kissed her pet rats, has had to remain in the hospital for 17 days. It was revealed in the Medical Journal of Australia, in an article written by the South Australian Pathology department, that this woman aged 26 years old, had to spend a while I the hospital after having contacted an infection when she kissed her pet mice.

It was last year that she was admitted at the Royal Adelaide hospital, and was down with the streptobacillus moniliformis infection, which even tends to become a deadly condition if it isn’t taken care of at the right time.

It was further revealed in the report that the woman suffered fever and severe headache, meningitis and also severe pneumonitis infection. This means there was an inflammation in the brain and the lungs that she suffered.

“This condition was more prevalent in the past and is associated with slums and poor living conditions. As this case demonstrates, a bite is not necessary for infection. Close contact with rodents may be sufficient”, revealed the report in the MJA.

People love their pets and get overly-affectionate with them and tend to forget the basic hygiene requirements that they need to take care of, such as washing their hands before and after coming in contact with them. There is also need for ne to understand that coming too close to pets such as mice will definitely put one to the risk of diseases.

In the same wake, the Australian Veterinary Association, together with the health officials have revealed to the people how essential it is to take care of hygiene needs. It is important to keep safe while cuddling and kissing the pets.

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