Pet poodles turn out to be ferrets on steroids at Argentina market

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Pet poodles turn out to be ferrets on steroids for an unlucky Argentina man | GlobalPost


News you wish you didn’t know.


Are your discount poodles unusually strong, and do they have creepy rat eyes? Congratulations, you just bought ferrets on steroids. 

Pet sellers at Argentina’s largest bazaar, the giant La Salada market in Buenos Aires, are passing off ferrets as dogs, local television media reported. One victim, a retired man, paid $150 for a pair of fancy poodles. 

More from GlobalPost: Husband attacks wife with pet poodle in Brazil

He apparently had some suspicions about the dogs, which were confirmed when he took them to the vet. The verdict? The poodles were actually ferrets that had been fed steroids since birth to increase their size. The station also found a second victim who bought a ferret marketed as a Chihuahua.

Poodles usually cost around $1,000, while ferrets come in much lower, at about $75, the Daily Mail reported. 

You might have your heart set on a poodle,  but keep in mind that the Adopt a Ferret website says that ferrets can be playful and affectionate.

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