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Cathy Krafve
Cathy Krafve
I do try to write serious columns every so often… yawn…but well, it seems my dog Lucy is more fun. Lucy might gain celebrity status, if I wrote about her anymore often than I do already.

I have noticed that “pet people” would prefer to talk about animals, read about animals, then talk about animals some more. They like to tell you their pets’ latest antics and idiosyncrasies. I say pets because often these folks have numerous pets in a variety of species.

One neighbor had three dogs inside, plus a home for his box turtle collection in the front yard. He also stops when he sees an opossum dead on the side of the road to be sure there are no babies still hiding in the mom’s pocket. I know this because once we had a baby ‘possum in the neighborhood who found his way into the shoes I kept right outside my back door. Imagine my surprise.

I’m not a big fan of baby ‘possums because they look a lot like rats. Apparently they are not big fans of being awakened from their midday nap by humans needing shoes because they scamper away really quickly. The ability to scamper quickly away may be my favorite attribute of baby ‘possums.

Anyhow, speaking of Lucy, her boundaries have changed since we remodeled but she hasn’t figured it out yet.

We are all still adjusting to having a retaining wall along the back, separating us from much of nature. Much of nature, but not snakes. We watched with fascination recently as a racer slipped the whole 20- yard length, climbing one rock at a time to the top.

So the other day, we snapped to attention when Lucy uncharacteristically began a deep growl, the hair on the back of her neck standing up and her back haunches tense with warning.

Facing our new back wall, we searched for a snake. Then we looked beyond, hoping to catch site of deer or foxes.

Lucy sidled up to her imagined boundary and then tested it a step or two at a time until she could circumvent the whole patio. Having explored her new options, she decided she should return closer to her vulnerable humans.

Finally, we realized that due to Lucy’s diligence and general fierceness, our new Christmas reindeer was frozen in pure fright of our ferocious guard collie.

Yes, in a moment of anticipatory grandfatherly glee, my husband brought home a pre-lit life-size reindeer and strung an extension cord to where real deer used to bed down for the night.

We are so happy with our new reindeer, it may stay up all year.

And, we can relax and sleep soundly.

We are safely protected from any invading rabid pre-lit electric reindeer by an ever-alert border collie with an impressive low rumble.

Cathy Primer Krafve, aka Checklist Charlie, lives and writes with a Texas twang. Comments are invited at or on Facebook.

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