Pet emu blamed for rats, flies in Charlotte neighborhood

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Neighbors are blaming a pet emu for bringing rats and flies into the neighborhood, but the giant bird’s owner says that’s just not true.

Shellie Pincay says her pet emu has been in her back yard for about 10 years. If Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Animal Control get its way, the bird will soon be gone.

“It’s like giving up something you treasure, that you’ve taken care of for a very long time and I just think it’s very unfair.”

Pincay says she got her pet emu because she wanted to save it from slaughter. For years she raised it, kept it in a pen in her back yard – with permits from animal control.

“It’s basically like a child because I’ve had her since she was a little baby” says Pincay. “She’s very sweet, very docile.  I mean she’s just my pet.”

But on July 1st an animal control officer told Pincay she had 30 days to get rid of her emu.

WBTV contacted Animal Control to get some answers. A spokesperson says they’re waiting to talk to the person who approves permits.

Pincay thinks Charlotte city officials are listening to her neighbor.

“The smell” says neighbor Willie Williams. “We know for sure they are the source of the rats that inhabit some of the houses around here.” 

Williams says he called city officials several times to complain about the emu. His house is behind the emu’s pen. He says the bird’s food is attracting rats – which he took pictures of.

Williams says the emu might be a pet for Pincay but for him it’s a quality of life issue.

“You’re living next to something that large, has a horrendous smell – especially in the summer -it draws flies.”

But Pincay insists her emu is not the source of rats and flies. She says she cleans up after it.

“She’s a pet. I’d be devastated if they took her away from me” says Pincay. So she intends to fight her pet’s eviction.

Pincay says she will appeal the decision and ask for a hearing.

“If they try to come and seize her, I’m prepared to go to jail” she says.

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