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LAS VEGAS – (Not satire – call this…therapy with Karl Rove!) I forgot to mention that many people don’t know the difference between futures and options (i.e. that there are options on futures, but a futures position is different than longing or shorting an option, which can be either a call or a put).

The key to successful trading is to not over trade. You want to look for one, two, or maybe three good trades per month, and that’s it, Karl. BTW, I actually did an equity trade today – something I seldom do. I longed 500 Evergreen Energy – ticker symbol EEE – at 2.56. Equities I do some day trading. Futures trading I look for position taking.

We should all team up to trade futures with some of the crew out in Nevada, Karl. After all, the only way to come out ahead in an inflationary paradigm is through…futures trading, Karl. As one who knows econ like the back of his hand, I’ve thought this through one million different ways. There’s no right way to invest in an inflationary paradigm, since real values continue to plummet (it’s the dollar that’s depreciating). If the Fed tightens on the Congress, insolvencies and malinvestment will be exposed outright. If we continue down the current policy path, the dollar itself will go bankrupt which is a much worse scenario. Wages will not keep pace with inflation.

And this guy knows what he’s talking about, Karl. http://www.gigablast.com/get?q=senator+harry+reid+dina+titus+joe+heckc=maind=57982782754cnsp=0 That’s the guy they threw away. One speeding ticket from 1997 and that’s it. This guy loves people, Karl. I’ve never even been in a fight in my entire life.

I wrote a different piece last night that was a shout out to Dr. Heck, Karl Rove. I’m still debating whether or not I want to go into all of the gruesome details of what the VA did to me and how they virtually destroyed my reputation and name on lies because I’m afraid I won’t be able to come up with the right morphology. That said, I want to because I think it would help me heal and the VA’s whopper of a lie they circulated about me from the summer of 2000 not only helped turn me into a chronic skeptic and distrustful of the government (the G-Men at least have brains, unlike the average VA employee), but that might be why I haven’t really had real healthcare ever since – of course it started as soon as I mentioned the anthrax vaccine during the summer of 1999. It was a horrible and false narrative that VA came up with due to error and/or misfeasance. It still pains me to this day. Any of the staff who knew me at the Henderson CBOC while I was there from 2005 to 2007 would have to concede that I’m very humble and timid in person. I had a VERY good relationship with the staff at the Henderson CBOC and the Loma Linda ortho clinic. I just seemed to be cursed with combative and/or less-than-honest physicians. And then I got tossed out on a lie. My surgeon at Loma Linda was great. It was tough, because the Loma Linda VA did my shoulder fusion surgery, treated me great in the ortho clinic, and then I get back to Las Vegas less than two months later and get tossed out of the VA on a lie which I have empirical evidence of.

What was so difficult is once the VA starts down a certain road, they don’t stop. The VA even invented a story about me having killed my pet canard. One little problem: I’ve never had a pet canard, which is a species of duck, in my entire life, nor did I ever say I had a pet canard, nor have I ever killed any of my pets. I have pet rats and in one litter a few didn’t survive. This guy felt horrible about baby rats that didn’t live, Karl! This is why we don’t want government run healthcare, Karl. Just wait until everybody is stuck in a VA style system. It takes one person to screw up information and you won’t be able to get any objective second opinions anywhere. Personally, I think we should give veterans the same benefits their dependents receive (i.e. ChampVA). My mother got better healthcare through ChampVA than I did and she never served a day in the military. As a veteran, you’re sentenced to a broken system. As the dependent of a veteran, you’re free to see outside practitioners. Somehow, my mother even ended up receiving more in education benefits than I did, too. That’s how she became an R.N., although she admits I’m more intelligent than she is.

The VA accused me of lying about my shoulder being service connected in 1999, and it was service-connected. When I politely insisted that it was service-connected, since they refused to treat me due to the fact they accused me of lying and wanted me to leave, that’s when they put their first flag on me and it all went downhill from there. I embellish that not. This guy never was never even given a chance, Karl.

I’ll give you another example. I have hyperhidrosis. Look it up. It’s genetic and came from my father. My hands can sweat profusely regardless of the temperature or my mood (it has nothing to do with anxiety). Karl, I’m sure you probably wouldn’t like to shake a sweaty hand, eh? Well, one day a VA practitioner stuck his hand out to shake my hand. In order to be POLITE, this guy explicitly told this practitioner that this guy has hyperhidrosis, it was inherited from this guy’s father, this guy’s hands were sweaty and he (i.e. the practitioner) probably wouldn’t want to shake this guy’s hand. I didn’t find out until much later on that the practitioner charted into my medical records that my hands were sweating because of anxiety and that’s why I refused to shake his hand! That was par for the course.

Another day when I was in tears and explaining the fact that I had health problems from the anthrax vaccine, a different practitioner looked at me and said she believed me because she had other patients with the same problem, but then belittled me right afterwards telling me that they had to do something to get “those delusions” out of my head. So, without saying a single word, I calmly stood up, walked for the door and left. I embellish that not. That got charted as some sort of evil misbehavior that would have warranted the police being called on me had I showed up to the VA. If I had done something that bad, I would imagine the police would have been called on me….right away. Well, that was in 2005 and it turned out that the Henderson CBOC didn’t call the police on me the next time I went in for an appointment. Maybe because they figured out that it isn’t a crime to go to the VA. I finally reached the point where I realized I had to record my appointments. I even have one practitioner on tape admitting that they had a policy of trying to diagnose everything as a “delusion”.

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