Olive Films Gets Bloody With Slasher Video

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Olive Films has done a truly fine job thus far releasing movies you never thought that you’d see on DVD, much less Blu-ray. Even better? Things are about to get a whole lot bloodier!

From the Press Release
Olive Films is excited to announce its distribution agreement with Slasher // Video, an independent label dedicated to releasing obscure horror films on DVD. Olive Films will remaster and release the entire Slasher // Video catalog on DVD/Blu-ray in 2015.

Known for its carefully curated and handsomely packaged releases of classic films on home video, Olive Films is proud to bring the same level of care and affection to Slasher // Video releases.

The first Olive Films-Slasher // Video release will be the 1984 cult horror film SATAN’S BLADE on Tuesday, February 24, 2015:  The haunting legend of the mountains becomes a shocking reality when seemingly innocent holiday-makers become victims of sadistic stabbings. Romance and murder are horrifyingly entangled. Satan’s Blade will stop at nothing.

Additional Olive Films-Slasher // Video titles and their synopses are:

DEATH NURSE (1987): A psychotic nurse named Edith Mortley and her brother, Dr. Gordon Mortley, take in patients at their in-home clinic and kill each one for government funding and to feed their pet rats.

DEATH NURSE 2 (1988): Nurse Edith Mortley and her brother are back in this sequel killing all the patients at Shady Palms Clinic, though they have lots more difficult patients like knife-wielding Brownie and speech-giving Mischa Rudinski.

CEMETERY SISTERS (1988): Sisters Joan and Leslie grew up around their family-owned mortuary. Now that they’re older, they want one for themselves and will do anything to get one. They murder everyone in their path and  then collect the insurance money for their new cemetery and mortuary.

TRASHOLOGY (2012): A collection of 3 short films which connect to each other, TRASHOLOGY features a violent, religious fanatic who is brought back from the dead, a robust woman left at the altar who gets blackmailed for murder, and a pair of female vigilantes who murder sex offenders for justice.

BOARDINGHOUSE (1982): A successful businessman named Jim Royce inherits a large home and decides to turn it into a boarding house full of beautiful young girls. Unknown to anyone, there had been mysterious deaths in the past at the home. Soon enough, murder and mayhem ensue. BOARDINGHOUSE features phantoms, telekinesis, 80’s rock, and more.

SPLATTER ARCHITECTS OF FEAR (1986): A battle to the death between beautiful Amazon women, twisted mutants, and deadly zombies. Watch from behind the scenes as brilliant special effects are constructed by master craftsmen. Featuring detailed behind-the-scenes interviews on how the special effects are created.

CINCO DE MAYO (2013): A college professor nicknamed “El Maestro” tries to inspire students in his class but is unjustly fired and labeled a potential threat to society. El Maestro decides to put on a festive horror mask and sets out to teach everyone a final lesson.

This deal was confirmed by Olive Films’ Senior Vice President of Sales and Acquisitions Eric D. Wilkinson and Slasher // Video founder Jesus Teran.

“We’re excited to work with Slasher // Video,” said Wilkinson on behalf of Olive Films. “We look forward to continuing the work Jesus Teran has done and bringing these films to a wider audience.”

Teran echoed Wilkinson’s statement: “Working with Olive Films will take my mission of releasing obscure cinema with care and passion even further.”

Slasher // Video

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