Officials Seize Animals

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Animals seized in an investigation of suspected animal cruelty
in Logan County have been brought to the Sebastian County Humane
Society shelter in Fort Smith.

Logan County Sheriff Steve Smith said Wednesday a warrant was
served at a rural location between Scranton and Subiaco and more
than 70 animals were taken into custody. Action was taken in
response to a complaint the Sebastian County Humane Society, which
investigates complaints of animal cruelty in the area, forwarded to
the sheriff’s department last week.

Smith said most of the animals were dogs. Some were in pens, but
many were running loose, Smith said.

“It’s mostly a neglect-type case,” Smith said. “They had too
many animals to keep up with.”

Smith said an investigation is continuing and the incident will
be forwarded to Logan County prosecutors for appropriate action. No
one was taken into custody Wednesday. Smith said he anticipated at
least one person will be charged.

Sebastian County Humane Society Director JoAnn Barton said
Wednesday at least 50 dogs, a pot-bellied pig and several pet rats
were removed from the Logan County site.

Barton said she was told the animals were the property of
someone who had been operating a breeding business but had run on
hard times. She said cruelty investigators acted when they were
told animals were dying daily at the location.

Barton said Wednesday afternoon the shelter was “making room”
for the animals at its own facility, as well as contacting other
area shelters with pleas for assistance.

She said the most pressing immediate need will be for food.
“We’re low on dry dog food,” Barton said. Bags of food may be
brought to the shelter at 3800 Kelley Highway.

She said donations of blankets and towels also would be
appreciated, as would funds to cover the cost any needed veterinary

Barton said adoptable animals from those rescued are all spayed,
neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before they are made
available for adoption.

The rescue is the second major animal seizure by the shelter
this year. In March, more than 60 dogs, cats, goats and ducks were
removed from a location in Bloomer.

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