November Top 3: Fish Hooks, Jessie, Lab Rats

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Season three premiere…
Fish Hooks

Premieres Saturday 9th
November, at 7:30am on Disney Channel

Season 3 of
this series set world of adventure – a giant fish tank
neighborhood, located in the centre of Bud’s Pet Shop. The
comedic stories catch up with the three BFFs (best fish
friends) as they experience the typical challenges and
triumphs, fish drama and fish cliques of their freshman year
at Freshwater High. Episodes include, Milo’s fame-seeking
attempt to make the school football team, Bea racing against
time to stop yearbook editor Clamantha from publishing a bad
school photo, the group taking an excursion to
“Hamsterwood,” Oscar deciding to become a “goth” fish, and
Bea wanting to be treated like an adult – only to quickly
realize the downside.

In the premiere episode Milo is
convinced that a new hamster TV show called “The Milo Show”
is about him, but when the Milo character turns out to be a
klutzy nerd, he heads to Hamsterwood to clear his

Starring: Chelsea Kane (“JONAS
L.A.”) as Bea, an overly dramatic goldfish whose goal is to
become the world’s greatest actress, Kyle Massey (“Cory in
the House”) as Milo, an optimistic guy who loves his friends
unconditionally, and Justin Roiland (“The Sarah Silverman
Program”) as Oscar (Milo’s brother), a homebody who loves
sci-fi and has a secret crush on Bea. The recurring guest
roles are a who’s who list of talent including Rachel Dratch
(“Saturday Night Live”), Richard Simmons, Jerry Stiller,
Tiny Lister, Atticus Shaffer and Edie McClurg.

new episodes… Jessie

Monday 4th
November, at 5pm on Disney Channel

As Jessie
embarks on her second year in the big city, she explores her
passion for acting and writing, while juggling a budding
romance with Tony. Emma, a 14-year-old high school freshman
and the only biological child of Morgan and Christina, gets
a new best friend, and the two bond over fashion. Ravi, an
11-year-old from India and the most recent adoptee, skips a
grade and is in the same class as Luke, his mischief-making
12-year-old brother adopted at age five from Detroit. Zuri,
the eight-year-old baby of the family, adopted at birth from
Africa, struggles with third grade homework demands. The
entire family must cope with ever changing, always chaotic
schedules, and often discover things are more fun when
Jessie is there.

Starring Debby Ryan as
Jessie (“Radio Rebel,” “The Suite Life on Deck,” “16
Wishes”); Tony Award-nominated Kevin Chamberlin (Broadway’s
“The Addams Family”) as Bertram; Peyton List (“27 Dresses,”
“Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days”) as Emma; Karan Brar
(“Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick
Rules,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days”) as Ravi; Cameron
Boyce (“Grown Ups 2,” “Grown Ups”) as Luke and Skai Jackson
(“Royal Pains”) as Zuri.

New episodes… Lab

Wednesday 6th November, at 5pm on
Disney Channel

All new episodes of this hit
Disney Channel series follow Leo and his siblings, teen
super-humans – Adam, Bree and Chase – as they embark on
critical missions with high stakes while learning more about
each other and navigating everyday teenage

Special guest star: Joey Logano In
the episode premiering Wednesday 27th November; Davenport
and his obnoxious new neighbour agree to settle their
differences with a stock car race but the Lab Rats are
forced to get in on the action when they learn that his
neighbour has enlisted NASCAR pro Joey Logano as his

Starring Billy Unger (“You
Again”) as Chase, Spencer Boldman (“I’m in the Band”) as
Adam, Kelli Berglund (“Hip Hop Harry”) as Bree, with Tyrel
Jackson Williams (“Failure to Launch,” “Pair of Kings”) as
Leo and Hal Sparks (E!’s “Talk Soup”) as Davenport.
Recurring are Angel Parker (“Hannah Montana”) as Tasha and
Will Forte (“Saturday Night Live”) as the voice of

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