Northumberland Humane Society seeks homes for pet rats

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Northumberland Humane Society has a rat problem.

It’s not, however, your typical rat problem.

General Manager Kate Lennan said since December three separate groups of rats have been abandoned at Municipal Animal Services and then transferred to the Humane Society.

Each time, the rats were left “in a plastic tote in the early hours of the morning and forced to find a way to stay warm, especially in December and January, until the staff arrived to pull them into the warmth of the indoors,” Lennan said.

As soon as they arrived at the Humane Society, they were separated by gender immediately. Two females were already pregnant and 13 babies born. More than 60 rats have come through the doors since December, with another 18 abandoned recently on June 12.

Some people may think rats are an unusual pet and certainly are not for everyone, but Lennan said they are intelligent and social animals and deserve as much compassion as all other animals.

Since getting the rats, the Humane Society has successfully found homes for 60, but 18 are still looking for their forever home. Lennan said rats are very social animals and need to be in pairs or more.

Owners are encouraged to reach out to the Humane Society at 905-885-4131 if they are no longer able to provide care for their animals. The Humane Society is a community resource and will help with the process of surrender or try to find an alternate solution, specifically for rat owners whose colony have become unmanageable.

The Northumberland facility can also assist with downsizing and gender separation.

The antics of rats together can provide amusement for extended time, Lennan said, noting they keep themselves quite clean, and managing a cage is easy when done daily. Rats are very intelligent, easily trained and make great pets for children, she said.

You can add rats to your family for only $10 per pair.

Visit for a full list of adoptable pets. 

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