News briefs: Children removed from filthy house

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News briefs: Children removed from filthy house

Child protective services removed two children from a residence in the 6000 block of 14th Avenue after a Kenosha police officer nearly vomited during a walk through Thursday morning.

A citizen informed police of the house, describing its living conditions as “deplorable.” A local building inspector arrived and deemed the property inhabitable.

There were over 50 garbage bags and other miscellaneous items sitting on the curb in front of the house, according to the police report. Police said there were several dogs inside the house, including two aggressive pit bulls, and a dozen pet rats.

Raw garbage, grime and dust covered every surface of the house, according to the police report. The refrigerator was filled with rotten food and the kitchen counter was stacked with dirty dishes and rat cages.

Police said the children shared a first-floor bed covered with items and accessible only by climbing over junk stacked three feet high. One of the upstairs bedrooms contained doll houses and was covered in feces, according to the police report.

Vehicle reported stolen from impound

Kenosha police said a vehicle was stolen and several others were entered at the Firehouse Performance impound lot in the 5700 block of 49th Street early Thursday morning.

The suspect appeared to enter the lot by disassembling the main gate, according to the police report. A 2006 Chrysler 300 was removed along with items from other vehicles, including tires, rims and a stereo.

An employee told officers a man recently arrived at the lot and said the Chrysler was his vehicle, but could not provide proof. The same man later returned and said the owner of the vehicle was dead and he would provide the necessary documentation, according to the police report.

The vehicle was reported missing the following morning.

KDOG makes arrest, serves warrant

The Kenosha Drug Operations Group arrested a Pleasant Prairie man and seized drugs, firearms and a vehicle after serving a search warrant in the 9300 block of 11th Avenue last week.

Archie Lee Heath Jr. was taken into custody after a traffic stop in the 8300 block of Sheridan Road. KDOG then searched his residence and seized 15.91 grams of marijuana, two loaded and unsecured firearms, ammunition, a digital scale and a 2013 Dodge Challenger, according to a news release.

Heath faces six felony drug charges and one misdemeanor drug charge.

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