News Briefs: Anna Gunn and Jacki Weaver Will Star in Fox’s Broadchurch Remake

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… Fox has found its leading lady for the spot opposite David Tennant in the Americanized version of the hit British series Broadchurch. Emmy-winner Anna Gunn, the actress behind Breaking Bad‘s most evil villain Skyler White (J/K, screw you Skyler-haters), will play detective Ellie Miller. Miller partners up with Tennant’s Emmett Carver to solve the murder of a young boy in her picturesque hometown. Additionally, Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver has joined the series as Susan Wright, a mysterious loner in town. Finally, Fox decided not to call the project Broadchurch, but still wanted a pleasant-sounding two-syllable title, so the show’s been renamed Gracepoint. I have a few questions for Fox regarding how it will retain the original series’ morose yet beautiful tone and keep it from becoming an FBI shootout with Ryan Hardy sweeping in to save the day, but I guess we’ll find out when it debuts during the 2014-2015 season. [Fox via press release]


… ABC has shelled out a huge number of dollars for domestic rights to the Israeli reality series Rising Star, which is spreading across the world like a viral outbreak. The series is a monster hit in its home country, where its live performances have pulled in over half of the entire television-watching audience. Half! Here’s the bad news: It’s another singing competition show. But it’s at least slightly different than what we’re used to, and interactive, too. Basically, audiences watching at home offer instant feedback to the singer via an app, and huge monitors display social media messages. Viewer response determines whether the performers advance, in real time. Of course, America is so awesome that it has three different time zones, so how ABC is going to make this work is a mystery. Look for 10 episodes in the summer of 2014 as ABC tries to break into the singing game. [ABC via press release]

… NBC has ordered a single-camera comedy pilot called Bad Judge, starring Kate Walsh (Private Practice) as A) a transforming robot that conquers Earth in the search for a mysterious element named plotdevicium, B) a single, divorced superhero whose mom moves back in with her as she navigates the dating world of 20-somethings and also there are vampires and/or zombies and/or witches, or C) a bad judge. “C” is the correct answer of course, but the show will probably end up being more like option B by the time this thing makes it to air. What makes the main character bad? She’s “a sexually unapologetic woman who lives on the edge.” [Variety]

Almost Human‘s post-football debut on Sunday did alright, drawing 9.1 million viewers. That came with a 3.1 rating in the adult demo. Cory reviewed the pilot, and we both decided that we liked it enough to be really excited for Episode 2. [EW]

Dallas will return for Season 3 on February 24 at 9pm on TNT. This season, the Ewings will fight over who gets to keep J.R. Ewing’s eyebrows. [TNT via press release]

… AMC is in talks to adapt the gritty comic book Preacher for television, and the comic world’s head has collectively exploded. Preacher follows a Texas preacher who is combined with the spirit of some weird demon-angel child thingy called Genesis, which might make the preacher the most powerful being in the world. So he searches the country looking for God with his gun-happy friend Tulip and a hard-drinking Irish vampire. My friend told me to read this series a long, long time ago and when he gave me that description I was like, “No thanks.” Now I feel dumb. Apparently Seth Rogen may be on board to produce. [Badass Digest / TV Line]

… Hey girl! TV One has renewed RB Divas Atlanta and RB Divas LA for a third season and a second season, respectively. No word on RB Divas Rapid City, though. [TV One via press release]

… The CW’s attempt to make a series based on comic character The Flash won’t involve a backdoor pilot inside Arrow, even though the character will first appear in the young series starring Stephen Amell. The CW has a habit of backdooring pilots to lure in a like-minded audience, but the Flash series will go through the traditional production cycle. The decision comes after CW execs liked The Flash’s test run in a few still-to-air episodes of Arrow, and wanted to give him his own pilot in order to flesh out the character more. [Deadline Hollywood]

… FX is developing a six-part miniseries about the infamous Dalton gang of the Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild West. Desperadoes would be based on the 1979 novel of the same name and be told from the point-of-view of the youngest Dalton brother, Emmett. [Deadline Hollywood]


… Jay Leno is being sued by someone who just needs to chill out. Louann Giambattista, a flight attendant for American Airlines, was the butt of a The Tonight Show with Jay Leno joke in July, when reports surfaced that she sued her employer after co-workers claimed she brought pet rats on board flights and may have smuggled them in her underwear. Her lawsuit says Leno’s joke made false claims that the woman engaged in bestiality with the rodents and that it has ruined her career, her sexual relationship with her husband, and her social life. Among Leno’s quips about her: “If I were the rat, I’d have been been very upset. I prefer not to sit in cooch.” Not bad, Leno! [The Wrap]

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