New veterinary drug that was developed in Michigan shows promise in treating …

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Cancer is always a disheartening, scary diagnosis anytime, but when it comes to your pet, you feel especially helpless.

The disease is common in many breeds, pure bred and mixed alike.

But imagine taking your dog into the vet for a limp and leaving with the prospect of them having an illness that could easily take their life: Osteosarcoma.

Thousands of families — roughly 8,000 per year — hear that diagnosis, and in the past, the prognosis has not been favorable. Osteosarcoma, a malignant tumor that most commonly affects the limb bones, is an aggressive disease and usually spreads to other organs.

It typically affects large, fast-growing breeds including Rottweilers, Irish Wolfhounds, Great Danes, Doberman Pinschers and St. Bernards.

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