Nearly 300 pet rats removed from Ohio apartment

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Officials removed nearly 300 rats from an apartment in a neighborhood south of Dayton on Thursday.

Humane Society workers rescued the pet rats that were apparently left after the renter was evicted, NBC affiliate WDTN-TV reported.

Photos of the rescued rats

A spokesperson said the rats were found in a studio apartment. Neighbors said they saw them crawling on window blinds.

The rats were removed after the Humane Society received complaints about the apartment.

About 70 rats were removed last week and the other 200 were taken away Thursday.

A neighbor said he had no problem with the rats.

“I went down to visit a couple times, and the rats just running around on the ground, they don’t bother me.  The ones that’s in the cage, he had plenty of them, and he had them in the cage, and he’d take good care of them, and he love his rats,” neighbor Darryl Tucker said.

Officials believe the rats were being bred as pets and they appear to have been taken care of.

Several of the rats were taken in by rescuers, including a group called Rattie Tattie in Amelia. They were being checked out by veterinarians before being available for adoption.

“We are hoping other rescues in the Tri-State area, and beyond, will help and we can transfer to other rescues. We are going to do everything we can to  get these guys a good home,” Rattie Tattie Rescue volunteer Arianne Hughes said.

There was no word on whether the rats’ owner would be charged with a crime.

Kettering is about 50 miles north of Cincinnati.

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