My Pet Rat Won’t Wear His Harness, How Do I Get Him Comfortable In It?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 18, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I recently bought a harness for my pet rat because they need lots of interaction, and it can get boring in my apartment. I’ve seen people walking their pet rats, and wish mine would learn to enjoy it. He just plops down on his furry butt and cries in complaint. He’s not really squeaking like a rat in pain, just one of his frustrated squeaks he makes when I take his snacks away. Help?

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  • ellieint says:

    just keep it on him all the time so he gets used to it. Or make it something good like treats=harness

  • rzezniks says:

    I never managed to get any of my rats to walk in the harness, the most I got out of them was a tolerance of wearing it for short periods of time. I’d suggest getting a second rat so you don’t feel so bad about him being by himself.…
    pretty much the only way is to try and try and try with the harness.

  • Mrs.Rattitude says:

    Interaction means he can play with you on the bed or sofa, at your computer, in the bathtub, etc., you don’t necessarily need to take him for a walk, but if you want to, then try the steps below.
    You have to realize this is new for him and he will have to get used to it first. Put it on and since he likes to plop down, put him up on your shoulder and walk around the apartment with him. Do this several times. This will let him know you are not going to let anything happen to him. You can also take him outside this way, harness on, but up on your shoulder. Graduate to the sofa or bed and see if he will walk on his own. Once he does this a few times, then graduate to the floor and see how it goes. If all is well, then try taking him outside and see if he likes the ground, once again, this will be a new area, so it might take a few tries.
    I hope this information helps you.
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  • Leanne o says:

    get him used to it by walking him round the house.

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