My Name Is… Hannah Martinez of Thornton

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About me

Anyone who has visited an Anythink library knows that the job of an Anythinker may include playing football outside on a Wednesday afternoon or tending to a newly hatched baby chick. I work part-time as a concierge at the Anythink Wright Farms location at 120th and Holly in Thornton. Day-to-day, my role as a concierge is to smile and greet customers, while making sure that the library looks lovely. I anticipate customers’ needs and wants before they even have to ask. I engage them in our collection and suggest things I think they might enjoy. I invite them to participate in our programs and activities, assist them on the computer and help when they’re searching for materials. When all is said and done, I hope that customers I come into contact with feel appreciated, satisfied, inspired and amused.

The best part of my job

Having variety in my days is great. I am never bored at work. But the absolute best part of my job is serving our community. Anythink has so much to offer — resources, entertainment, technology.

Compassion inspires dedication

The Lucy Schweers Award for Excellence in Paralibrarianship is issued through the Colorado Association of Libraries. It recognizes paralibrarians in the state who display outstanding leadership and service to their community in a way that goes beyond the basic requirements of the position.

I was awarded this award for spearheading Anythink’s AnyAbility program, which is designed with adults with disabilities in mind. AnyAbility programs include a wide variety of interactive activities, including gardening, crafts and story times. Since this program began in 2014, we’ve been able to forge a much stronger relationship between our staff and customers of all abilities who regularly visit the library. AnyAbility has helped introduce these customers to a wider array of services provided by the library, and we’ve seen an increase in independent visits by these individuals as a result. AnyAbility was inspired by my inherent fondness and compassion for people in our community that are often underserved, along with my desire to see public spaces become more inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

In my free time…

My family recently adopted three pet rats, also called fancy rats. Fancy rats are incredibly intelligent, like to keep their bodies and surroundings extremely clean and are exceptionally affectionate. Fancy rats need a lot of human interaction and become very attached to their owners. Our pet rats respond when we call them by name — Jasmine, Sugar and Elsa.

Of course, I love to read! I like to read many things, but the book must catch my interest right away! I like true stories about medical oddities, mental illness, true crime, religious sects and secret societies. I also love high-suspense fiction and horror novels. I am currently reading my first romance novel.

You might also catch me playing video games on my phone.

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