Mobile food pantry helps pet owners feed animals

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DENVER – There are food banks for people, and others just for pets. 7Everyday Hero Jessie Naberhaus operates a mobile pet food pantry.

“We deliver pet food around the Denver metro area,” said Naberhaus.

In 2013, 10,000 pounds of food was delivered, for all kinds of pets.

“We serve dogs and cats primarily, but we also serve mice, rats, gerbils, rabbits, fish, birds,” said Naberhaus.

Naberhaus started this effort in 2012.

“Our last name is Naberhaus and we just spun it off of that and we love animals and want to help them.  So, Animal Haus is the name we came up with,” said Naberhaus.

Naberhouse works full time during the day and then makes deliveries in the early evening.

“Motivated is an understatement to stay on top of your daily work and try to go out help people all across all parts of Denver.  I mean, we’ve gone north and we’ve gone to Boulder,” said Lynzy Bromley, Director of Public Relations, Animal Haus.

Each Animal Haus delivery helps both pet and owner.

“When they hit hard economic times, they don’t have to think about taking the pet to the shelter or anything like that,” said Naberhaus.

Animal Haus relies on grants, your donations and the hard work of Jessie Naberhaus.

“The whole purpose is to keep pets in their homes with the families who love them,” said Naberhaus.

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