Michigan Humane Society Holds Rat Adoption Day: Only 5 Rats Adopted!

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Published:March 26th, 2012 12:09 EST


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“Nine-year-old Jesse Stump didn`t choose his newest pet rats – they chose him. He said the rats, sisters named Thelma and Daphne, immediately took a liking to him during the Michigan Humane Society rat adoption event Saturday.


`They started biting me,` he said. `They started crawling up.`”

Detroit News

I`m an animal lover, there has never been a time in my adult life when I didn`t have at least two pets in my home. Indeed I`m more than just an animal lover, I advocate for the rights of animals.

But when my home was infested with rats I didn`t make a call to the SPCA to come rescue the rats, I immediately called an exterminator.

But different strokes for different folks I always say, and if someone wants to adopt a rat — more power to them. Little Jesse knew that the rats Thelma and Daphne liked him because they bit him. Call me a bit eccentric, but I like pets who express their love by purring and rubbing their warm noses against me.

The rat adoption event wasn`t exactly a tremendous success, at the end of the day the Michigan Humane Society managed to find homes for only five rats.

I would never adopt a rat, but I commend the humane society for holding the rat adoption event: It teaches children to love all animals.

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One Comment

  • Maresa says:

    I LOVE rats, and those that look at rats as “pest’s have never owned one as a pet. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. They are like pocket dogs. They learn their names, can come when called and even learn to do tricks and do agility. Rats come in a lot of coat types, from Hairless to long haired, they have two different ear types too, dumbo (large around ears on the side of their head) and the regular top ears. They even come in Manx (tailless) and there are dwarf rats, that are a 1/3 the size of a standard rat. I’ve owned rats for over 15 yrs and they are WONDERFUL pets to have. I have one on my shoulder as I type this, she’s bruxing in my ear. Ratz Rule!!!

    Maresa (rat momma)

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