Los Angeles: The Second Rattiest City In America

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There is nothing special about LA rats except we seem to have a lot of them. According to Orkin Pest Control Los Angeles is only behind Chicago in rats. They base that on how many people are calling for service from coast to coast. Rats have a bad rap

We talked with Angelinos who told us rats “are dirty,” carry disease and are scary. One woman told us if shesees rats “I run the other way.”

In a recent survey, commissioned by Orkin, 17% of these questioned said when they see a rat they run the other way. 24% screamed and, the rest either got traps and dealt with it themselves or called a pest control company.

We took the story to LA City Hall where Councilman Mitchell Englander told us “This is not what I would call a rat infested city.” He says “Los Angeles is nearly 500 square miles. Geographically, we’re the largest city in the country.” So, there’s room for lots of rats.

The other city’s in the top five?

1. Chicago

2. Los Angeles

3. Washington DC

4. New York

5. San Francisco

Back at City Hall, I asked Councilman Paul Koretz “How does it feel to be in the second rattiest city in the United States?” Koretz wasn’t buying it. He said “I don’t know if we are or not.’

But, what Councilman Koretz has been doing is fighting a fight to ban rodenticides in the City of LA. He says when used to kill rats those that eat the rats can be killed too. According to Koretz, “By wiping out the predators along with the rats actually create more rats.”

Which brings us back to being the second rattiest city in the country. Orkin says be proactive and suggest these steps:

+Regularly inspect your home for rodent droppings, rub marks or burrows

+Seal all cracks and gaps around the home where rats can wiggle through

+Store all food including pet food

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