Libertyville class turns pets into works of art

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Nov 20, 2016 in Rat News | Subscribe

A Paint Your Pet workshop at the David Adler Music and Arts Center in Libertyville Saturday drew 11 people who immortalized their dogs, cats and rats on canvas.

Artist Tanya Leintz led the workshop and offered tips, encouragement and on occasion a professional touch for a canine nose that didn’t look quite right or whiskers that resembled pipe cleaners instead of the stiff bristles on a feline snout.

“All the dogs and cats in here are different,” Leintz said. “Some have long fur, some short, some curly, some straight. So you have to teach them how to make it like their animal. I would say the eyes are the hardest thing, just like on humans.

The workshop drew some people looking for a special way to capture their pet’s personality. For others, it was an opportunity to memorialize a pet that had died.

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