Lake Worth man posed as exterminator, deputies say

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Story by Ed Komenda / Sun Sentinel
Posted by Miranda Grossman / CBS12 News

LAKE WORTH, Fla. — John Hall took money to rid an attic of rats, but deputies say he was more of a snake in the grass.

Deputies say Hall posed as an exterminator from a company that recently fired him, took $2,500 from a woman for a job and never took care of business.

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Now, the 22-year-old Lake Worth man stands charged with fraud and contracting without a license.

Back in November 2012, Jeanette Blymire had just bought a house in Royal Palm Beach. But she soon discovered rats in the attic.

Blymire called her exterminator friend. He said he knew a guy who could help.

“John Hall used to work for my exterminator friend,” Blymire said. “He thought he worked for this company.”

Hall showed up a couple days later, driving his own car. He told Blymire the company van had broke down and he had to drive his own to work. He had invoices from Healthwise Environmental Service.

He then disappeared into the attic. He set some traps and pulled out large portions of insulation.

“He said he did a whole bunch of stuff,” Blymire said, “and we thought he did.”

Blymire then cut Hall two check for $1,075 apiece. Hall agreed to come back three months later and do a follow-up inspection.
He took off, but he never came back.

Concerned, Blymire called Healthwise Environmental Service and got a hold of the owner, James Quintus. She asked for John Hall and got an unexpected answer:

“’He hasn’t worked here in a long time,’” Quintus said, according to Blymire.

Quintus had fired Hall around June 2012. In a phone interview with the Sun Sentinel Monday, Quintus would not comment about Hall’s firing.
Quintus finished the job for Blymire, only charging her for the cost of materials.

Blymire said she learned a great lesson from dealing with Hall, who bonded himself out of the Palm Beach County Jail on Saturday.

“I won’t do business if they don’t drive up in a company vehicle,” Blymire said., 561-243-6531 or Twitter @ejkomenda

Lake Worth man posed as exterminator, deputies say

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