Is It Possible To Teach A Pet Rat To Sleep On My Pillow?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 19, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I know you can, but it is easy? I need answers from people that have done it before. I want to do it with my 1 year old pet rat.

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  • Littlebe says:

    I’m sure you could – but I’d be careful about this…what if you rolled over on him/her?

  • JUST M33-Oox says:

    im not sure

  • RatMan30 says:

    Sorry but i do not know the answer i did have rats though and they did like sleeping in my bed!
    But rats are NOT Notournal mine always stayed awake during the day and slept in the night like us…Have fun with your rat though.

  • Zoo says:

    It will be very hard because they are nocturnal so they want to move around at night. One of my rats (Male) will fall asleep beside me but then he will usually go somewhere else in the house. It is hard, but I’m sure it can be done. It would be easier to do with a male because they are generally more relaxed.

  • Boxer Lover says:

    they actually like sleeping next to your leg or under your arm and under the covers. Pillows are a little too exposed for them to fall asleep on. Each rat is different, I know one person who’s rat would sleep on her neck and sigh in contentment.
    I doubt you could train them to sleep somewhere, but they do like snuggling with their humans and fall asleep with them.

  • Atilla the Han says:

    I never trained mine but almost all of them like snoozing on my pillow. They are all different though. I would just suggest spending time with him/her in the bed and rewarding him when he crawls on your pillow. In the morning they are usually sleepy so that’s a good time to take him out of the cage and let him snuggle with you.

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