Is It Bad To Have A Fan On Around My Pet Rats ?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Feb 28, 2010 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

It is really hot today and my poor little guys seem really hot so i decided to turn a portable fan on around them.
Is this okay ?

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  • *babycak says:

    if it wasn’t blasting air at them…sure

  • Lalala says:

    I am pretty sure it is fine as long as the fan is at a distance

  • ~Honeysu says:

    Yeah it’s okay, just as long as he doesn’t get his foot or tail in side the fan! yipes that would hurt!

  • azurejag says:

    As long as it’s not too cold and drafty in the area yeah it should be alright 🙂 give them water as well

  • Gabby B RIP Bubba Perez & Sloane says:

    Yea thats ok, I do the same for my rats on hot days, and also, if possible you should put an ice pack in there, or fill a teatowel with ice and put that in the cage with them ….they love it 😀

  • emmhai says:

    That should be perfectly fine. as long as the fan isnt within like 1 foot of the cage because that could cause too strong of a draft. also, i wouldnt leave it on for them to long, as they could get too cold. hope this helps.

  • fyre says:

    Yeah that would be fine. Give them extra water, too. Just make sure that the fan isn’t blowing directly on their cage and make sure that it isn’t too high-powered. =]

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