Invasion of the giant ginger rats

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Mar 10, 2015 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

The huge rodents are running wild in Lochpark Industrial Estate, Hawick, sparking fears they could spread and wreak havoc.

Sightings of the beasts have been reported daily, and members of the public have even been feeding them on a regular basis. 

It is believed they have turned a ginger colour because domestic rats which have been released have been breeding with wild Scottish rats.

Local businessman Colin Easton, who trades tyres in the industrial estate, has seen dozens of rats and claims they are still scuttling around despite numerous tip offs to the council. 

He said: “I’ve seen loads of rats, dozens at a time – it’s a real worry. 

“I’ve seen white ones as well as ginger ones. 

“Someone from the council has been up but I’m not sure what stage they are at.” 

One amateur pest controller said he had been killing rats on the site for months with the local council insisting it cannot exterminate the creatures due to fear of killing other animals. 

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