Interview: Caroline & Jennifer talk ‘The Amazing Race’

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Fourth place finishers share the story of Caroline’s flying squirrel

pCaroline and Jennifer of The Amazing Race/p

Caroline and Jennifer of “The Amazing Race”

Jennifer: Yeah. Know what? When you’re doing the challenges, sometimes things happen. Like, for example, the bog. I did not want to get back in there. Physically, I thought there was no way I could do. And the thinking with Caroline and the bagpipes, she physically said, “I really can’t do it.” So when you’re in both kinda situations and you power through it, we would never look back and say, “Shoot, that really screwed us up,” because there’s nothing you can do about that. That’s just something you have to get through. But on the direction, the mistakes you make are what really kills you when you think back on it. You know? You don’t think back going, “Oh shoot. I really screwed us up in the bog.” I would never think that, but on the directions, I’d be like, “Shoot, now that was a mistake that… we could have gotten that one right.”

Caroline: The bog and the bagpipes are similar in this scenario. If we both would have achieved the goal the first time, we could have been fine. It would have been fine. The problem with the bagpipes was that my mouth started going out and it only happened after I’d been blowing the bagpipe for a while. If I would have just gotten it the first time, I wouldn’t have had that problem with my mouth. And the same with Jen. If she would have just not jumped over that little extra wedge and gotten through the bog the first time, it would have been fine, but doing those kinda challenges for a second and third and fourth and, for me like a thousand times with the bagpipes, that’s when you start to lose it, because your body starts shutting down. And once your body starts shutting down, it’s like, “Oh my gosh. We’re screwed.” It’s hard. You don’t know what to do, because it’s like you’re at a total disability at that point.

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