Hundreds of Pet Rats Removed from Kettering Apartment

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KETTERING — Animal control agents are still removing rats from an efficiency apartment on Wilmington Pike.

About 300 or so “pocket pets” overran a man’s residence before the Humane Society was called.

The man was evicted from the unit at the Plum Creek Apartments, apparently for nonpayment of rent. He wasn’t able to take the rats with him so they are now headed to the Rattie Tattie Rescue in Cincinnati.

SLIDESHOW: Humane Society removes hundreds of rats

Humane agents had already removed 70 rats earlier and expected to remove 200 more today but ended up hauling more than 300 rats total from the efficiency apartment.

Sheila Marquis, Humane Society officer, says the electricity is off at the complex which is making their efforts harder, “we’re doing a lot of hunting in the dark.”

It’s unclear if the owner faces any charges.

Hundreds of Pet Rats Removed from Kettering Apartment

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