How/when Do (female) Pet Rats Mature?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Jan 17, 2010 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I have a female rat, approximately five months old, and she’s very high-strung. We get along well; she rides on my shoulders, follows me around, and loves to play. But she won’t let me hold her. She’s too restless and always wants to be moving. She’s a good pet, but she can’t sit still. She’s still just a baby, could her restlessness and need to be running around and getting into everything just be a young rat phase? Is this normal?

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  • Kiki says:

    If your looking to calm down your ratttie. Try putting them on your lap while stroking their back from top of the nose to the tail. Try scratching by the ears or under the chin. They r kind of like cats lol they love to be scratched. Left alone most of the time to do their own thing and clean themselves every 10sec.

  • Alyce says:

    I think its luck of the draw. I have three males. One is a mummies boy the other loves being active and exploring but still takes the time to show me affection. The last one, younger than the other two, is craaaaazy. He is non stop, hates being held and he if wants out of the cage he will let me know by digging at the edge and biting the bars! He is just super curious. I am hoping he will calm down and im sure he will because he’s only 3 months!

  • Angela says:

    I have two females. One is heavy and tires easily but she prefers to stay in her cage. The other is very active and follows me around and also rides ony shoulder. I had her fall asleep twice on me. One time was on my couch where she couldn’t jump off and she got bored and I kept her out for about an hour and half. The other time we were in my hammock and as I relaxed she snuggled up too. Again limit space and u have to relax too.

  • Chrys says:

    I agree with the fact that it is typical for female rats, but I believe that every rat is different, and while things like age and gender can affect how hyper they are, it really depends on the rat. I have 2 female rats, and at first, after reading stuff online, I expected both of them to be hyper and bouncing off the walls, and at first, my one was like that, but the other was shy. Now that we have bonded, my rats both like sleeping on me, so they ARE hyper, but they calm down and are cuddly too. My other shy rat is very big now, and is totally cuddly and lazy, sometimes I swear she’s a male in a female body. lol.

  • Catherin says:


  • Andy D says:

    Hey Moriah,
    Yes this is normal for female rats. My three females are all exactly like that, they like to be on the move (they are 9 months old). This is not so much of a young rat thing as a female rat thing. Males are much more content to sit on your lap, females like to see what is going on out there!
    Hope I helped
    Andy D.
    Some females calm down with time.

  • levy_max says:

    yeah… I am still waiting for that myself after a year… lol… males are known to be more cuddly than the females… I suggest to try to get her to calm down, I take my laptop and put it on my lap, and let them crawl under it, or put a blanket over my lap and let them play while I read a book or something… it gives them a warm dark place to play, and associates saftey with your smell… so she might calm down… we do have it though, that if they girls are running on the bed, and we touch them, they stop and let you pick them up for a few seconds… then want to play again.

  • __A_YAHO says:

    if you can get your female to calm down tell me your secret cause all of my girls are insanely mobile and crazy lol. it’s a female thing really. think about it, female rats are like female humans us girls rather be social butterflies, move around and are always inquisitive as were males in both human and rodent forms are slower, tend to do what needs to be done and then plop down and vegetate!

  • Simply Beautiful says:

    Rats physically mature around 8 months of age.
    This behavior is very common in females. They’re always on the go and getting into everything. Some will calm down when they get older but the males are more of the cuddlers.
    Also, is she the only rat you have? Rats are very social creatures and should always be kept in same sex pairs. Lone rats can become very depressed and even go as far as harming themselves out of loneliness. Her behavior could be a result of this. Try getting her a female friend and see if she calms down. She’ll have someone to get rid of all that energy with.
    Good luck!

  • Lovely says:

    Well female rats are more active and playful then males. But yes, this is just a phase. One of my babies, (she will be a year old in February) use to be so hyper all the time, she use to run around and popcorn but now shes a lap rat. She rarely has bursts of energy anymore. Enjoy it while it lasts, they grow up so fast!

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