How Much Would It Cost To Have A Pet Rat In Austarlia?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 25, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

Hey I am getting a pet rat soon and i want to no how much it would cost for everything food, water bottle, wood chips for the bottom of the cage, the Rat, the cage, running wheel and a run about ball.I already have bedding so please help me 🙂

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  • shirley says:

    it would cost around $70 to $150 to buy two rats and a cage. when i first brought my rat, i bought a cheap bird cage for it which cost around $15. it was small but it liked it cause it was small a cozy. im planning to buy a bigger one once it grows. the bird cage, i added a few hammoks and a nest box for it to climb on and 2 bars used for birds to stand on. my rat never climbed at the first few weeks but then it is cl,imbing crazily! so i suggest you try what i did so that you can svae up to buy a VERY VERY big cage for its little lifespan.

  • Arielle says:

    im also getting a pet rat and i have the same question as Big rat, i only really have $160 dollars to spend on the little guy(s) if some one could help me out that would be great if i have enough for two that would also be great, but i really dont want to spend all of my money like the most minimal amount would be good (im not tight i just dont have lost of money….) THANKYOU!

  • dave s says:

    You best bet is to ask someone who lives there, not us folks who live on this side of the pond. Here’s a few links that will help you. Good luck!

  • HoodRat says:

    probably around 60-80 dollars, (not inclueding the rats, wit are around 10-20 dollars each)
    please dont get ‘a rat’ please for the sake of the rat, get two, other wise they get lonly, its just a rat thing, never get one always get two..
    mabe do a little bit more rat reserch, it doesnt sound you really know THAT much, other than (really) basic care, you need to know a bit more than a little bit of basic care to take on a rat.
    goodluck =]
    have fun with your ratties.

  • *!Brook! says:

    Rat: between $5 and $30 really depends where u go and male or female bla bla bla.
    Food: $10 or 15 bucks for a bag of rat and mice mixture, then you need to suplement it with fruit and things
    Cadge: anywhere from $25 for a small ugly thing that it wont be happy in to $60 for a great big fancy thing it will be over happy in haha
    things to but in like a house: $15 Water dripper:$8 Dishes: $8 uhh and anything els would be pretty cheap i think. but yeah it all really depends on quallity, and size and where u are. but yeah basicly any animal is expencive. and yes get two rats unless ur gonna spend all ur time with it it will get bored and yes do ur reaserch aww and the running wheel: $20

  • animal_l says:

    For my first rats a brought a BIG fishtank from Kmart for $50 then my father and I had a little fun and added a second floor and some other things which cost $30 for building materials but dad did it himself. My rats cost $10 each from pets paradise but I reccomend at LEAST two are they are extremely sociable animals, a maximum of two for this size cage but the bigger the better and the more the merrier.
    My water container cost approx $15, $6 for food bowl $6 a fourtnight for food, $10 a fourtnight for fresh veggies and meat (their omnivores)
    With my second lot of rats my father and I turned an old bookshelf into a cage, it had about 6 shelves and we just added doors and cut a hole in each shelf so it was a 6 story house, we already had the shelf but for building materials is may have been up to $50, no more. In there i had no more than 6 rats at a time so they had pleanty of personal space but also room to play together in one big group.
    Better still would be to dedicate an entire ROOM to your rats, when we moved into a 5 bedroom house I dedicated an entire room to my rats, during school times they had their own large enclosures to keep them safe and when I got home they were let out in a completely rat safe room with NO power cords and could run to their hearts content, I had up to 20 rats running arounf the room at one time, but if your on a budget I wouldnt suggest that as they tend to trash the carpet and it needs to be tiled and they trash toys like once a week and it required a LOT of upkeep to keep it clean so we dont have any unwanted invertebrate visitors (but I do reccomend them as pets, I have a giant African Land snail and a Giant Hissing Cockroach and I love them!!! But keep them away from RATS!!)
    Goodluck with your new balls of fun!

  • Clarissa says:

    Rats: Rats can cost anywhere from $8.00 – $20.00 but it all depends where you get them from.
    Cage: For a good sized cage it would probably be around $100 – $200. I paid around $150 – $200 for the cage I bought for my 2 rats.
    Food: It depends on the quality of the product and where you get it. From the rat foods I have seen it costs $5.00 – $10.00 for a kilogram.
    Bedding: As I said before, it really depends on what sort of bedding and where you get it from. We use cat litter and that cost around $10.00 for 15 litres. The best beddings to use are: cat litter (make sure it is dust free and is made from recycled paper), Aspen or shredded paper. There are a few other bedding choices however, I am not certain that they are available in Australia.
    Running Wheel: Not too sure. Maybe about $5.00.
    Rat ball: The one I paid for cost me $40.00 as I vividly remember. I don’t really use it anymore as they got scared and did their Business in it, when I put them in.
    Water Bottle: Not sure. Check at your local pet store.
    I hope this helps. Good luck with your new rat!

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