How Do You Litter Train Your Pet Rats?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 22, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I have two rats and I’m wondering how to litter train them. I have a litter box from the pet store but one of my rats keeps tipping it over so how can i stop that?

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  • TessaSta says:

    Get a corner litter box. It connects to the side of the cage and it can’t be knocked over. These also usually come with instructions on how to litter train small animals.
    When you get the litter box, make sure the litter is different than the bedding in the cage. Yesterday’s News is good to use. Don’t use regular cat litter because it can be dangerous.
    Place some of your rats’ poop and soiled litter into the litter box. You’ll also have to keep the cage extremely clean. This most likely means cleaning it every single day and deodorizing it.
    Litter training can take months, so you have to be very patient and consistent.

  • Anonymous says:

    it took me several attempts to finally train them. First off i used a glass pan cuz its shallow and doesn’t tip over.
    This is how they say to litter train rats
    Get a tray and fill it with bedding different from your rats usual bedding so it stands out. Whenever your rat goes to the bathroom, take the poo and place it in the litter box. This way they will smell their poo in the litter box and realize that is where they should go. It takes a lot of patience but eventually it works.
    However, i tried that and it never worked for me. Heres what i did.
    My cage consisted of a top and bottom level. the bottom level had bedding, the top level and newspaper. I realized that my rats naturally went to the bathroom on the bedding, so i eventually made the whole cage newspaper and only put bedding in their litter tray. It worked! I still had to do a little training, like putting any poo that didn’t make it in the tray into the tray. But they learned fast.
    I just recently changed the tray and the bedding to make it easier to clean, because my old tray and bedding stunk up really fast. So now i’m in the process of re-training them but they’re catching on pretty fast.
    So good luck with your ratties!

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