How Do You Know When A Female Pet Rat Is Pregnant?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 26, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

my sister got a rat and the man said it was a girl but its a boy and i kept my female rat and my sisters rat together in a cage. we took it to the pet shop and the mAN said that he was a boy but that they wouldnt have babies for about a week or 2 coz hes too young but my female rat rips up the newspaper and takes it in her cage and i told my nan and she said it might be making a nest?? i hope not but is it true?

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  • Rattie rat says:

    This is old, but want to add some things in case people are looking up advice. You can always tell a female from a male. Males have large testicles that are very visible. To mistake a male for a female is a little ridiculous. Also, you can touch the babies the first 24 hrs they are born. If the mom is trustful of you that is. She may bite if stressed or doesn’t know you well. It’s good to handle them everyday so that they are used to human smell and touch right away. Makes for a friendly/social baby. She wont eat them.. Mother rats normally don’t eat their babies unless she knows there is something wrong with them. They sense things like that. Definitely separate a male from a nursing mother. She goes into a crazy heat after giving birth and can become pregnant right away. A male wont kill the babies. That is a horrible myth. Some even help raise them. But like I said, separate them so mom doesn’t become pregnant right away. I have my own pet rats and have had one litter. I held them everyday since day one.

  • t says:

    yea but can i have to femals together if one has babys

  • Just Another Game says:

    could be. guess you’ll find out in a few weeks won’t you?

  • atwittse says:

    she will become very large very quickly at that time but the nesting is another sign

  • Anonymous says:

    her stomache will get bigger

  • fanta says:

    your rat may eat more/less.
    your rat also may be resting more then ussual and may start getting plump and bloated.
    its belly may start rising aswell

  • ☮, ♥, & ☺-Stephanie- says:

    it wont be visible until about 1-1/2 weeks, the justation period of a rat is 2-3weeks, if she is pregnant, dont hold the babies until they start to grow fur, also, take the male out for he might eat them, if you touch them before fur is coming in, the mther will either eat them or not feed them.

  • RatSong says:

    It is likely. Rats breed very quickly and if the rat is preparing a nest than it is a sign that she could be pregnant. A similar thing happened to me a while ago when I got two males from the same litter. I put a towel over their cage and a few weeks later the rats had dragged the towel in through the bars and shredded it to make a nesting spot. A few days later, I found six baby rats underneath one of my ‘male’ rats. Turned out it was female.
    A female rat usually falls pregnant for about 21- 23 days.
    You should seperate the supposedly pregnant rat from the other rat for a week just in case she is pregnant and if she does give birth, don’t touch her or the litter for around 3 weeks.

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