How Do You Know If Your Pet Rat Is Having A Seizure?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 20, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I think there is something wrong with my pet rat. She was on her back with her legs and paws flailing, unable to get up.
The next day, she wasn’t on her back, but she was weak and dragging herself along.
What happened to her? Did she have a seizure?

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  • darksong says:

    She might have had a stroke. Take her in to a small animal vet to be looked over.

  • arinaca says:

    It’s possible, or she could have had a stroke – I highly recommend taking her to a vet ASAP for a check up after something like this, especially if she is still weak. Age is also a huge factor for something like this (rats older than 2 can start coming down with signs of old age, but more common around 3.) Keep a close eye on her until you can get her to a vet and I recommend also separating her from her cage mates if she is still weak, for her own well being.

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