How Do I Treat My Pet Rats “bloody” Eyes?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 21, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

My pet rat has eye mucus that looks like blood. I know it is a common illness in rats but I was wondering if anyone knew any at home remedies? She does not sneeze very often, her nose is not bloody looking, and she does not seem to be wheezing. Could it be something other than mycroplasia? Thank you!

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  • zorabella says:

    My pet rat izzy has it also but she has not had any stress full events or symptoms of respiratory infection:'(

  • tracy says:

    I have a pet rat named timpletin who three days ago was lathogic,not drinking or eating we have been giving him yougert on our fingers and water in a dropper and even Thu he is weak he is fighting to live today I got him some Gatorade and he is drinking it good no change in his behavior yet could he still live

  • ratluvr says:

    I would clean out the cage thoroughly and see if it goes away.

  • paladin1 says:

    Right now the best thing to do is call a vet. They can tell you what to do and if you have to whether or not you should come in.

  • Tiere13 says:

    Sounds like an ordinary eye infection to me (rat tears are red), which are common in rats. Unfortunately, too many things sting the eyes, so there is no real “home remedy”. To treat it, you need a triple antibiotic ophthalmic cream. You can try calling around to see if a vet would sell you the cream without an appointment (most of the creams require a prescription), but it would be much better to have a vet check the rat to make sure it is not anything more serious.

  • Sim says:

    The discharge from your rat’s eye is not blood, it is porphyrin. It’s a pretty normal thing for rats to have. Some never have a problem with it and some have it their whole lives. It is produced by glands behind the rat’s eyes. If your rat has breathing problems, pneumonia, or mycoplasma, you might see an increase in the porphyrin. Dirt, dust, eyelashes, whiskers, and such things can also get into your rats eyes and cause it. You can gently wash your rats eyes/face with warm water (perhaps on a damp rag). Make sure to trim your rats nails because if they scratch their eyes, it can cause irritation and more porphyrin. Hope that helps!

  • ollieism says:

    This is pretty common. It can be caused from stress or a respiratory infection. I would suggest taking them to the vet and getting some baytril.

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