How Do I Set Up Everything For A Pet Rat?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 18, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I mean in terms of my room, the temperature it should be, if there are any noises that irritate rats, if there are any smells that irritate rats or even just some quick pointers. Just anything I need to know. Don’t say rats are gross, these are fancy rats and they’re actually very clean animals. I’d never get a subway rat.



  • Anonymous says:

    Hello! You should keep your rats cage away from a window, drafts, and doors. If you keep it by a window, it can get sick. The room temperature should be around the 70’s area. Also, make sure it is not dusty where you are. Also, make sure they stay away from chocolate, onions, etc…
    I hope I helped!

  • Kay says:

    as long as there aren’t any huge fumes in your room, the rat should be fine. You do have to remember that they are small animals, so even just some perfume could cause problems because they are so tiny. And I would reccomend having the cage somewhere up higher, because if you have a cat or dog they might scare it.
    I hope I helped some.

  • tazbaz says:

    hi i have 3 male rats all i have for them is there cage a couple of hammocks .and there food dishes rats are not gross they don’t smell that bad mine are clean sounds of baning can make them jump i advise don’t bang the cage or slam doors nothing will upset there Sense of smell just they are very good at sensing when food is cooked and your sitting next to there cage my boys do that to me i share a little bit of my dinner with them not much don’t give them too many treats.if you spray them with say flee spray or something make sure u cover there faces as that will irritate them ok your room should be a little hot but not too cold i have my boys cage next to my living room radiator if it on they will cuddle up in the corner where they can feel the heat ok

  • i‚ô•MyHamm says:

    i have had 4 rats and yes they are very clean animals here is some things u should know they are sensitive to harsh cleaners so clean the cage with dawn and consider the simply green line of cleaners for your room do not keep there cage next to a air conditioner or heater 75-85 degrees would be ideal and make sure if you get it a wheel it is NOT a metal wire wheel it is solid plastic they can get their tails caught in wire wheels and break them. hope i helped! good luck with your new little buddy! and make sure you can be a good mommy!

  • 2Shy says:

    I hope you are getting more than one rat. It’s the most important thing! There is no reason not to get at least 2 rats. Absolute minimum!
    First, put the cage somewhere high. So a) they won’t get scared by a dog/cat and b) they can watch what happens in the room. Mine love it!
    Second, be careful not to out the cage where it’s sunny or windy. Rats are very prone to lung problems so be careful with cold walls and windows.
    Third, don’t listen to very loud music, especially near the cage.
    Fourth, just based on my own experience I would recommend putting an old piece of carpet or something underneath the cage if you have a floor that is difficult to clean.
    Fifth, in the cage, remember to have more than one level (important!) and more than house, so they won’t fight over it. Hammocks and old blankets are a good idea, too.
    Sixth, clean water, food and shedding.
    Seventh, it is important that your cage has horizontal bars so that they can climb.
    Hope I helped. Good luck and have fun with your rats!

  • ThaRatCh says:

    It doesn’t really matter for rats, they are very hardy.
    Temp- Regular room temp, maybe a little cooler as rats do better in colder temps. (so 65-79)
    Noises- Mine couldn’t care whats going on. They are next to the TV and still sleep whenever. Again, rats are very hardy unlike hamsters and dont even wake up when someone is vacumning next to their cage.
    Smells- Some rats get a little scared when they smell cat, dog, or ferret. Don’t worry though, just give the rat some time and they will calm down, you can still keep cats, dogs, and ferrets in the same room (in cages lol).
    Make sure not to use scented plugins or stong smelling stuff near the cage, and no drafts.
    Some cool sites:

  • Misty says:

    they don’t need a specific temperature, just room temperature. Smells don’t usually irritate rats but loud noises or fumes might irritate them. My rats lived in our basement (partially finished) so there weren’t many big noises to bug them. Loud buzzes bugged my 4. Wood blocks are good to put in the cage. They also like having small boxes or containers. Toilet paper rolls are good too. Those are my pointers, Hope they helped!

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