How Can I Persuade My Parents To Get Pet Rats?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 19, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I really want pet rats, but my parents are consent on saying no. I know everything there is to know about them. I need help on ways to persuade them. Please only give really good answers that will work.

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  • rat lover says:

    make a packet that says care will care for a rat, love it, train it, help pay for it, and so forth
    and really mean it. give them time to think about before you give them the packet ask them why they won’t let you get a rat and in the packet come up with solutions. if you have a sibling get them on your side. save up and show them you have enough money to pay for rats. remind your parents that the average rat only lives three years five at the most so its not a long term agreement. in the meantime do your chores to show you are responsible.
    hope this helps good luck!

  • Morgan says:

    If you have a friend that breeds them tell them she or he wants younto babysit one. This worked for me. When the babysitting was over I asked about getting my own. They saw how wonderfully I cared for the pet and said yes. Now I struggle with getting another rat. As mine just passed.

  • Cerys says:

    I used to have a pet hamster he was my dads pet then in 2010 my dad died of kidney cancer.A couple of weeks later my hamster died of a huge face swelling.Since then i was not allowed to have a rodent. I love animals more than any thing. I have a collection of pets i have a cat called Lily two rabbits called Flopsie and Topsie and three fishes called Isabelle Cutie – pie and Specals.

  • Izzy xx says:

    Hi!! I think you shoud try making a powerpoint presentation about rats. Tell them rats are nothing like wild rats, in fact quite the opposite!! They were voted the best pet you can get; they are loyal. friendly, hardly EVER bite and will always stand by you. Not forgetting they’re as cute as hell!!! Work out how much it would cost for all the equiptment, and save up till u get that amount, then inform your parents you have all the money you need to get a rat. Insist you will look after them very well and that they don’t need TOO much commitment or attention, especially if you have two. Hope you get one, they are the best pet ever! Good Luck!!!!

    • jess xx says:

      I thought your idea was AMAZING im trying it with my parents even though this answer wasn’t for me, thank you sooooo much and ill let u know if it works lol

  • Anonymous says:

    I had the same thing. I got the rats. I told my parents that I would pay for everything and that I wouldn’t need their help at all. I said I would play with them every day and everything.
    it worked.

  • jensunsh says:

    I had to go through the whole convincing thing when I was younger. Here is a little article about why rats make great pets.… Maybe it will help to get past some of the misconceptions. Above all else, make sure to point out that you’re knowledgeable about rat care and that you will be completely responsible for their well-being. You may have to wait months and bring up the topic every now and then, but good luck and I hope you get your rats. They’re awesome animals.

  • Ritsuka says:

    Whatever you do do not whine or ask them over and over again. I would remind them every so often over a 2-3 month period. Tell them facts about them in a normal conversation like “Did you know that rats have a photographic memory and that’s why they can run mazes.” or tell them you can train them to do tricks. One time I wrote an essay about ferrets for my parents because I really wanted one. It did’nt work for me but it might for you.
    If they’re worried about common myths about them like “rats smell bad” tell them how much they groom themselves and how the owner is suppose to give them a bath every other week. I had a male rat who smelled like maple syrup actually!
    If your parents think rats are mean and bite tell them “No, those are hamsters.” or a pet you had in the past who bit allot. “Rats lick you alot for the salt on your fingers.”
    Another reson why your parents might not want you to have rats is that they might not think your responsible enough. Rats need to be played with and feed everyday, their cage needs to be cleaned once a week, and they need to bathed every week in the rare case of “smelly” rats or to the average, every other week. (often enough to wash away smell but not often enough to wash away the natural oils in their fur) Try doing more chores around the house without being asked. You should also try talking to them more often and become more of a friend. Some parents might not see their true qualities due to lack of comunication.
    If your parents don’t want to pay for anything try paying for them yourselves. Rats need large cages, something that has 2-3 levels (male rats need less room because they’re less active). Brand new cages are expensive (up to $150) but, you could try craigslist and get lucky ($50-100). A good diet consists of lab block along with vegitables, fruits and some other kitchen scraps so feeding should’nt take much of the budget.
    I’m going to try some of theese techniques because I want to get guinea pigs or rats. Rats are the best though! It might take some time for them to be convinced but good luck! 😀

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