How Can I Befriend My Shy Pet Rats?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 23, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I have 2 female, seven-week-old, rats from Pet-smart. They have been with me for about two days, healthy and active. However, they are very shy. When I approach the cage, they hide in their home. Even baiting them with cheese or yogurt barely gets their heads out. I have yet to take them out of the cage as I do not want to force it and scare them. Should I give them more time alone or start handling them? Thanks everyone!

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  • Ratcraze101 says:

    Find a quiet place in your house and lay some soft blankets down, then add toys, treats, stuffed animals, pillow cases and 1 hiding spot. Also a very good tip is to get a t shirt or pillow case or even a wash cloth and rub it all over your body or wear the t shirt withoud=t putting perfume on and wear it just to get ur body oils on it. then put it in your rats cage take it out and repeat the same thing still handling your rat 2-3 times a day. ps only take the cloth out 1 time a day to get ur scent built up and this will just get ur rat familiar to your scent to ease it up to you so it doesnt seem like ur a super big n scary strnager

  • Robert Pattinson sexiest man EVA says:

    no give the loads of handling and give them treats after so they learn its good and dont give them treats any other time they need more socialising

  • Travis B says:

    Yeah handle them every day. But to be honest rats from thoes are breed to be feeders so they have probably never been touch other than to move them so it will take a while. Also in the future you should pick ones that are kinda ballsy and go up to you.

  • pupgrann says:

    Yep, gotta take them out and handle them, so they see you aren’t going to eat them. Remember rodents are pretty much at the bottom of the food chain.
    Maybe sit down in the bathroom, on the floor, with the door closed, so they can’t escape and hide somewhere..and let them climb around on your lap and eat treats. Repete daily , and soon they’ll beg to come out. Once they’re happy being handled, you can hold them other places and they won’t run away.

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