"Hoarders" Season 3 Finale: Glen and Lisa, Rats and Cats

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What a difference the removal of a few thousand pet
rats can make, right? On this week’s episode of Hoarders, the season 3
finale, we were introduced to Glen and Lisa and their issues with rats
and cats. And it wasn’t pretty.

Glen seems like a pretty cool
guy, stuck in a state of sadness since the death of his wife. He’s got a
sort of Jeff Bridges meets Richie Tenenbaum thing going on (see picture
below), and I dig it. As cool as this guy is, he’s had a tough few
years since he unexpectedly found his wife dead of a heart attack in her
mid-thirties in 1989. Tough stuff. To help deal with the pain and fill a
void in his life, Glen got himself three pet rats two years ago. And
that’s where our story begins.

Glen’s three pet rats were,
unfortunately, not three boys, so as soon as they got the chance they
reproduced. Zoom forward to now, and Glenn has a house full of at least a
thousand rats. His rats have taken over every inch of the house,
burrowing in walls, invading mattresses, nesting in recliners,
everything. It’s gotten so bad that Glen has moved out from the house
and basically lives in his garage/office. Glen gives a pretty creepy
crawly explanation for this move, describing the way the rats would pull
on his hair and lick his lips and nose when he tried to sleep. Shiver.

Glen loves these rats like they’re children, but realizes the situation
is no longer safe or healthy for him or the rats (they are getting
territorial and mean in such tight quarters). In comes Dr. Robin. Major
props to her for walking right into that house and facing the swarming
floor of rats without even batting an eyelash. Actually, that goes for
the whole AE production team, because I would’ve lost it in there.

I said before, Glen’s a cool dude and he was really on board with the
whole process of removing the rats, even though he was visibly emotional
throughout the process and was really attached to these pets. A team of
rescuers from The Humane Society did an awesome job humanely catching
and containing as many rats as they could, boxing them up for rescue and
adoption. Unfortunately, there were a few that were really sick or
injured, but Glen stepped up and gave the okay to have them put down. 

rat searchers had quite a task ahead of them and had to tear up walls,
the bathtub and pretty much get into every nook and cranny of the house
to get the rats out. In the end, they rescued at least 2,000 rats, and,
as we learned in the update, Glen found another 350 after they left,
which he adopted out. Glen did get to keep one special rat, Commander
Whitehead, which he luckily was able to find during the initial search
efforts. Commander Whitehead got a clean bill of health (surprise, Glen,
he’s a girl!), and I imagine will go on to lead and long and lovely
life as Glen’s one and only pet.

Glen gave his final goodbyes to
all of the rats and they went off to find new homes with nice families.
In fact, if you are a nice family and are in need of a pet rat, you can
learn how to adopt one of Glen’s rats here. Good luck to you Glen, I think you’ve got better times ahead.


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