‘Hoarders’ Rodent-Infested Home: ‘This Is The Rats’ House’

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If you’re afraid of rats, you might want to cover your eyes. The latest episode of “Hoarders: Family Secrets” was loaded with them.

“Nothing in this house can be saved. This isn’t Mary’s house. This is the rats’ house,” said cleaner Matt Paxton on “Hoarders: Family Secrets.”

Mary, from Fresno, California, had a hoard so filled with rats that her things were severely contaminated, something that was hard for her to process.

“What about booze?” Mary asked the cleaning professional, who was wearing a protective suit. “Beer, or ale…”

“No,” he replied. “There’s really nothing here I would feel comfortable with you consuming.”

This isn’t the first time “Hoarders” has featured a sizable rat colony, or mischief, in case you were wondering.

The season finale in 2011 featured a man who kept thousands of pet rats. 

“I readily admit that I have way too many rats.” (Video via AE / “Hoarders”)

Things didn’t get that bad for Mary, but the animals still did terrible damage to her house, to the point where bulldozing it was the best option. 

We can hope that this is the tail end of Mary’s hoarding problem.

This video includes images from Jason Snyder / CC BY 2.0.

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