Game Play Goes Global

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Game Play Goes Global

Award winning
theatre company The PlayGround Collective is heading to New
York to present their new show All Your Wants and Needs
Fulfilled Forever
at LaMaMa in downtown Manhattan as
part of the New Zealand New Performance Festival New

Billed as an ‘8-Bit Action Adventure’ the
show will have its international debut from the 19th to the
22nd of March 2015, before it returns to Auckland for a
season at Q Theatre later in 2015. The company kicked off
their announcement with the launch of a new trailer.

Director Robin Kerr says:
“The show is an ode to the digital natives who’ve
grown up on video games and movies that promised us we were
going to be heroes, that we’ll get the girl, and beat the
baddies. Now that we’re kidults we’ve discovered that life
isn’t really like that. It’s a lot easier to recede into
a fantasy; pretend that life is ‘A-OKAY’ on facebook,
than it is to deal with our offline problems. That’s
something that’s universal for our generation and it’s
as true as it is for Americans who’ve grown up immersed in
that culture as it is here.”


Super Mario Bros, a
philosophizing gorilla, and a murderous kiwi icon collide in
this hilariously absurd 8-Bit action adventure.

studies video game design and looks after his pet rats
–all while glued to whatever screen is nearest–in an
effort to avoid thinking about the recent death of his
father. But Simon’s world is turned upside down when a
mysterious box is delivered to him that might just contain
the Secret to the Universe…

Is he playing the game –
or is the game playing him? Simon scrolls his way through
the often tragic randomness of life as a higher intelligence
tries to guide his story to a satisfying

“This is a poignant funny story about
someone who’s going through life with all its

Director Robin Kerr and Bruce Mason and
Arts Foundation New Generation Award winning playwright Eli
Kent take you on meta-theatrical ride featuring
action-packed mime, original songs, and a pulsing electronic
score all performed live.

Since forming in 2007, The
PlayGround Collective have produced nine shows and won nine
Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards, including “Most Original
Production” for The Intricate Art of Actually
, and were highly commended in Metro Magazine’s
Best of Auckland Theatre 2010. Auckland audiences will
familiar with their recent show Like There’s No
which was commissioned by Auckland Theatre
Company and premiered to sell out crowds at the Basement
Theatre last year.

The New Zealand New Performance
Festival New York has been running a Boosted crowdfunding
campaign that has raised over $13,000 towards a $15 000
goal. The festival will see 10 shows and 20 artists present
some of NZ’s most cutting edge theatre to New York
audiences in four different performance spaces during the
two week festival. The Boosted campaign is accepting
donations online until Sunday 5th of October.

Profiles of
all of the artists and shows in the festival, including a
trailer for All Your Wants and Need Fulfilled Forever
can be found on


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