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Has your cat, dog or favorite guinea pig compiled its holiday wish list?

Whether it’s a winter sweater that’ll keep your dog snug and warm, a catnip toy that will bring your feline friend hours of pleasure, or a toy that will have your feathered friend swinging on a perch for hours, every treasured pet should be remembered during this special season with a little gift or two.

According to a recent petMD poll, 86 percent of readers said they would be buying a present for their pet for the holidays.

At Animal Instincts in Fall River, store owner Bob Schenck and his staff are pulling out all the stops to ensure that Jolly Old St. Nick will be delivering lots of nice gifts for every deserving special critter on your shopping list.

For folks searching for a special holiday gift for a young child, Schenck recommends a guinea pig, a rabbit or a bearded dragon.

“These are all good starter pets,” he advises. Schenck recommends that before purchasing a pet for a child, a potential owner should spend some time at the store with the staff to learn about various types of animals and whether the critter is a good and appropriate choice for a family pet.

Schenck said that that chew toys make ideal pets for guinea pigs, chinchillas, pet rats, hamsters and gerbils.

He adds that these small creatures also enjoy spending time in a “hide,” a wooden or plastic functional hideaway.

Leigh Motta, a store employee, notes that one of the most popular holiday items for bird and parrot lovers is a treat stick.

“Treat sticks relieve boredom and keep birds entertained,” Motta said, adding that another gift that birds always enjoy is a holiday stocking filled with toys.

Store employee Ashley Furtado says that a fun and delicious treat for canines is a gift basket filled with dog toys and snacks or a platter of edible canine cookies decorated in colorful seasonable themes.

Not wanting to exclude the fish swimming in the family tank, Furtado suggests adding a few ornamental plants to enhance the beauty of the aquarium.

For dog owners who want their canine companion to enjoy a few hours of relaxation and fun, Tiverton entrepreneur Russ Smith loads up his van and heads to the great outdoors to spend a three-hour long outdoor trek in the country to enjoy some fresh air, exercise and what the canines do best – to romp, play and have a lot of fun!

Smith charges owners $25 per session or $40 for two dogs in the same household.

Smith says the idea for the hiking group was started by his dog, a golden retriever named Sienna, a loveable canine that loves to hike along woodland trails and play with other canines.

“I call her our ‘den mother,’” Smith says. “She shares me with all the other dogs.”

For more information about the canine hikes, email: russsmith@gmail.com.

When you drop off a bag of dog or cat food, a few rolls of paper towels or some treats at your local animal shelter, please don’t forget to remember the dedicated shelter staff and volunteers who tirelessly help our animals and make the world a better place.

A tray of cookies, some homemade candy or a pizza will bring their faces and will show their appreciation for the good work that they do every day of the year.


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